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It’s your business, no one else’s

Claire Thomas, Early Intellect

"If you are a new creator, it is also likely that you know other businesses within the same niche. As you embark in starting your business, it is so important to remember and be aware that it is your business, no one else’s. Someone you’re following on social media might have great results with a certain business model, but it does not mean that model will work for you. Just because someone is successful doing things one way does not mean that you cannot find success doing it another way. Create a business and business model that will be sustainable for you in the long run.

You don’t want to make business decisions based on what you believe to be working for someone else and their business. You are on the outside looking in and have no idea what other factors are impacting how they are doing business. Those factors and resources that you do not have access to will not allow you to see the same result.

The best thing you can do for your business is to believe in yourself and your vision enough to lean into what you know will be best for you, even if it does not match the model others are currently following. When you do things solely based on how you’ve seen it done, you also risk coming off unauthentic because you’re following a vision that is not yours. Stay true to yourself always and it will pay off."

Advice Contributor

Claire Thomas

Claire Thomas is an educator, advocate for early learning and early childhood education, and the founder of Early Intellect.

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