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It’s a business, not a side gig

Taima Ramsey, Poor In A Private Plane

"The biggest change I had in my business was actually treating it like a business. When I first started, I treated it more like a hobby. I worked on things when I had time. I didn’t prioritize, and I was not intentional.

Fast forward to today. I have since filed an LLC, and I see myself as a CEO of a business versus someone with a side gig.

I keep office hours and commit to work on my business during those times.

I have started to hire out tasks to help me scale. This has been a huge game changer for me.

I am prioritizing my business and grading it in the same way I would any job that I’ve had. I show up. Do the work. And continue to do so every day until the job is done."

Advice Contributor

Taima Ramsey

Taima Ramsey is a travel and lifestyle blogger whose goal is to inspire women to travel well and more often by sharing tips, tricks, and manifestation techniques to help those travel dreams come true.

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