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Let go of the fear of ‘no’

Geeji Williams, Sprinkledbz

"One change I made that definitely made the most impact on my business was learning to let go of fear. What I mean by this is letting go of the fear of failing that stops us from taking risks.

Since starting my business, I’ve had many complimentary ideas that I’ve tried that didn’t end up working out, but I’ve also had some amazing ideas that ended up being a hit! I also always end up learning so much from the ideas that fail, so there’s always a benefit to trying, no matter what!

When I first started my business, I was so afraid of the word ‘no’ that I found myself often letting great ideas pass me by. Once I learned to embrace that word and take it as a learning experience, everything changed! My confidence has increased, and I really believe that shifted the entire overall confidence of my business. I’ve been able to take leaps I never would have in my business now and in my general life.

I’d say letting go of the fear of ‘no’ is really the first step that truly shifted the way I saw myself and my business. I now see rejections as a way to improve. It’s what pushes me to work on my techniques, and it’s just been so very beneficial!"

Advice Contributor

Geeji Williams

Geeji Williams is an edible artist and the proud cookie decorator and owner of Sprinkledbz.

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