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Let the creative process guide your decisions

Andre Fludd

"When you first start off creating, it’s easy to think that you need to be a certain way or have certain gear to begin.

For example, you may feel you are too boring, too excited, too loud, too quiet, your gear is too cheap, or your gear is too good for your level. All of these statements can hold you back from getting to the point of creation.

I spent two years planning my business before I started. That was useful time, but in the first two months of actually creating, I needed to bypass all of those plans and buy totally different gear.

My point is that it is incredibly important to start the creation process and allow it to guide your future decisions, business plans, product purchases, and so on. That is the best and fastest way to reach the goal."

Advice Contributor

Andre Fludd

Dr. Andre Fludd is in the process of transitioning from academia to his own business of guitar lessons and product reviews.

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