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Limit oversharing at the beginning

Kimberly Barbosa, Alchemy of the Stars

"What new creators should be careful of when starting a business is oversharing about their new business to the relationships they have around them.

Sometimes, the relationships you have around won't be as supportive as you thought they would be. Sometimes, they can try to talk you out of your inspired ideas. Sometimes, these relationships have been so used to a version of you that when they see you do something different and launch something exciting, it can, unfortunately, trigger jealousy and insecurity in them.

So, to protect the vulnerability of your business' early stages, I would limit the oversharing. I would say get comfortable being confident in your own work where you don't need to ask your personal relationships for their opinion.

Your business is like a brand-new baby. It's still young and vulnerable. So be sure you are taking care of it while it's on its path to being able to stand up on its own. If you need support, reach out to strangers. You'd be surprised how sometimes random strangers will be more supportive than the community around you. That is my advice for new creators on what they should be careful of when starting their business."

Advice Contributor

Kimberly Barbosa

Founder of Alchemy of the Stars, Kimberly creates ebooks for each season to guide people in how they can maximize their growth based on what current energies are streaming from our solar system to the Earth.

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