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Maintain a strong self-connection

Sarah Starrs

"I think it’s so important for creators to have a daily practice of self-connection.

This might come in the form of meditation or journaling. As a period coach, my menstrual cycle awareness practice is an important touchpoint of self-connection in my day.

When I first started my business, I was so easily swayed by the overwhelming amount of (and often conflicting) advice out there. I was essentially throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what would stick, and to be honest, several times I ended up adopting business practices that just weren't aligned with my unique approach and values.

Needless to say, I wasted a lot of time on strategies that didn't move the needle forward on my business.

But by having habits and practices that help me stay connected with myself, that has shifted. I have a clear understanding of my unique voice, a strong connection with my intuition, and a spot-on radar for what's a good fit for my business and what to leave behind. As a result, I'm able to weed through all of the conflicting voices to zero in on what approaches are the right fit for me and what is the best next move for my business.

Of course, there will always be experts to learn from and others who are further along who can help us make progress in our business. But without a strong connection to ourselves first, it's easy to feel lost or even to create a business that doesn't feel very good to run.

Whether you're drawn to meditation, journaling, or a different practice altogether, I trust you'll know what helps you stay connected to yourself. Even a few minutes a day can provide huge shifts in the clarity you experience when it comes to your business."

Advice Contributor

Sarah Starrs

Sarah Starrs is a certified cycle coach for parents with periods and the creator of The Cyclic Parenting Framework and The Totally Doable Self-Care for Busy Parents process.

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