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Metrics are deceiving

Stephanie D. McKenzie

"Newer creators need to be careful that they don’t get caught up in the algorithm and quantifying their results through metrics. The metrics are often very deceiving, and because of that, sometimes it can discourage newer creators who feel that if they’re not getting the response that they want, they are not creating an impact. This could take the form of creating a class that no one buys, creating a video that it seems no one is watching, or posting information that just does not seem to get reactions and responses.

Sometimes it becomes tempting to jump on every trend or to abandon the mission that you started. The one thing that I would say to a newer creator is to always stay focused on your mission. That mission is the work that you are to put into the world.

And while those "pesky" metrics are important, they are NEVER more important than the mission. And for many creators, their mission is, in fact, magical. It is not to be disregarded; it is not to be discarded. The mission is meaningful; it is powerful; and it is mandatory!"

Advice Contributor

Stephanie D. McKenzie

Stephanie D. McKenzie is a multi-certified coach, award-winning marketer, business mentor, TEDx speaker, and best-selling author who serves multi-passionate high achievers and recovering people pleasers with brand and marketing for your mission and coaching that empowers.

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