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When promoting your products, more is more

Jenna Warriner, Parkdale Republic

"After live-launching my Podia program multiple times and working behind the scenes on multiple other program launches, I’ve learned that in terms of social media promotion, MORE IS MORE!

I work in social media, and when we write launch content, we’re super strategic about the messaging, and we map it all out in advance. We plan at least two posts per day to go out organically on social media and schedule them all using Then, during the launch, we ride the energy and create even MORE content in the moment.

Folks can get nervous that they’re bombarding their audience in those 2-week launch windows, but the fact is, more is more, and that’s for two reasons:

1. People who are on the fence are eating it all up. They’re learning from your posts and getting more and more convinced, and they still won’t invest until the very last second before the cart closes.

2. After the launch, some people who follow you are inevitably going to end up saying, “Wait, what? You have a program?”

The best strategy for an effective launch is to promote the heck out of it."

Advice Contributor

Jenna Warriner

Jenna Warriner is a social media manager who teaches small biz owners how to market themselves on Instagram.

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