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Newsletters provide value and build relationships

Kash Parker, Financial Fitness for Women

"I stopped looking at my email list as a sales tool. Rather, it became a way for me to build relationships with my audience and provide them with insight into who I am other than a business owner, share my thoughts and opinions, and give them a behind-the-scenes look.

Consistency is key when building an email list. Every Monday morning at exactly 8:30 a.m., I send out a newsletter called #MoneyMonday. It has been so well received, and people actually look forward to seeing my name pop up in their inboxes at the beginning of every week.

If I do want to include a reminder for one of my offers or courses, I will include it right down below as a "P.S."

But the core premise of my email list is to provide value and build relationships. If I do have an upcoming launch, that will then take the form of a series of sales emails. My audience is then warmed up and eager to see and learn more about my paid offers!"

Advice Contributor

Kash Parker

Kash Parker is the Founder and CEO of Financial Fitness for Women (Pty) Ltd. She created the Financial Fitness Club, an online membership for women that provides access to tools, resources, and support to empower themselves financially.

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