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Offering high-end products

Caitlin Holmes, Caitlin Holmes Nutrition

"Creating my packages and assigning their worth was one of the more challenging tasks in my business. I spent thousands of dollars on a business coach to tell me to increase prices rather than valuing myself and my offers at their true worth.

Before hiring a business coach who ultimately told me to increase my prices, I was charging what I thought people would find acceptable. Rather than basing my offers on what I bring to the table, I was letting my potential customers (and my assumptions of their budgets) dictate that worth.

I started by throwing out a number that I wanted to make that year. After that, I calculated how many clients I would need to purchase my offer(s) in order to hit that income goal. From there I was able to consider my other income sources and bundle existing offers to cushion and support my goals.

Another important piece of this was assigning a high-end value to my services that felt comfortable to me (versus what I had been assuming about my potential clients). I had to accept that my new price range could change who I worked with, but I didn’t expect what happened next."

Advice Contributor

Caitlin Holmes

Caitlin Holmes is a Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS) who works with active individuals, adventurers, and outdoor athletes to help them develop effective nutrition plans for long-term health and sports performance.

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