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Create offers based on experiences

Barbara Mvogoh, Justice Endo

"When you launch your business or organization, you must be careful to remain authentic and close to your target. Don’t compare yourself to what others are doing. Everyone has their own way of interacting, communicating, and has unique services or products. And it is for your uniqueness that people will come to you and adhere to what you propose.

Offering something related to your experience, your needs (past, present, or future), or your hobbies will help you to be authentic and close to your customers because you will know more easily what to talk about and how your products or services will best help them.

This approach allows you not to be too pushy on marketing and to sell naturally without feeling like you are selling. You can also give your prospects some free advice to give them a vision of what you do. But be careful not to give everything for free. They still need to want to buy what you offer.

Knowing your target and your market is also fundamental to set fair, coherent, and accessible prices for your prospects and customers."

Advice Contributor

Barbara Mvogoh

Justice Endo is an association created in Paris for the defense of endometriosis patients and their rights.

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