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Take one small step at a time

Jane Lee, PureLee Jane

"Don’t let the doubt, the critical voice in your head stop you. There will always be a reason that you can think of as to why you might not succeed, but that kind of thinking only serves to weigh you down. You’re at this point for a reason. There is a feeling you have that what you can offer is of service and helpful to others. Stay with that feeling.

Jump in, just get started. Don't put expectations on yourself, and just take one small step at a time. It might be figuring out a name for your course or business, it might be starting to set up your website, or talking to a friend about your business idea. Focus on that one next step. And then the next. You'll start rolling, it won't be as daunting, and you'll never know where it will go. I had no ambitions to write a book prior to when the idea popped into my head, but I let that idea sit and permeate until it felt like I wanted to write a book. It never felt forced. At first it felt different than what I was offering in my business, but then I realized it was complementary, and it made sense.

When I left my corporate career, I knew that it wasn't right for me anymore and that I wanted to help others be healthier and happier. I wasn't exactly sure how I was going to do it. I just started with what I knew and said yes to opportunities that felt right, no matter how small. And what was helpful was keeping the mindset that there is enough room for everyone to succeed. It doesn't matter that there are already other people offering yoga, meditation, and coaching services, there's room for me to succeed as well. I'm not competing with others; I'm doing what feels right for me. And that will resonate with the right clients for me.

Lastly, get out of your comfort zone. You need to push yourself a little to where you may not have been before for new things to grow. I'm a private, introverted person, so putting my face on videos for everyone to see took time to be comfortable with. It started with live online classes, then sharing recorded classes, then putting short meditations to my online community, and then finally I was comfortable putting videos on YouTube. But I do it in a way that never feels wrong or inauthentic to me. With my YouTube videos, all the comments are turned off because, at this time, that's what feels right for me. I don't make Instagram videos pointing to words in the air because that's not for me right now, which is fine.

Just get started, take one step at a time. Trust that there is enough room for you to succeed, you're not here to compete, you're here to help others with your business. Do it in a way that feels true to you."

Advice Contributor

Jane Lee

Jane Lee has taught yoga & meditation for ten years and has had a personal yoga and meditation practice for twenty years.

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