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Organize offline

Adrian Dalsus, Despegue Musical

"I’ve used every project management tool imaginable, but it wasn’t until my wife gave me a monthly planning calendar white board for Christmas that I’ve really been able to focus and be more effective and disciplined. It has been a before and after.

There's nothing like writing, erasing, or editing something by hand.

The calendar has two parts: one for monthly planning and the other for weekly planning. I taped them on the wall, just above my computer.

This has allowed me to clearly see what tasks I need to focus on today, what I have tomorrow, what I have to do, without having to open a Google Calendar tab or open Asana.

I love technology and I'm a geek for new tools, but sometimes all it takes is organization in the 'offline world.'"

Advice Contributor

Adrian Dalsus

Adrian Dalsus helps creators and entrepreneurs optimize their efforts by finding the best ways to promote their products and services in the ever-evolving world of marketing.

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