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Organize your inbox with SaneBox

Amit Patpatia, Lighting Bot

"Prior to using SaneBox, I had over 30,000 emails, and I would get hundreds of emails every week. After using SaneBox, my inbox stays organized, optimized, and as clean as possible while I still incorporate a new method on top of SaneBox.

The complementing method I use on top of SaneBox is to create a task for each email, reply using an archive, and put it into my calendar right away. In doing so, the emails are organized into the correct SaneBox which is being trained. My email inbox stays empty yet still allows me to search them again in the archive, or simply click the task when it is time to do it and check the email again."

Advice Contributor

Amit Patpatia

Amit Patpatia is a Senior Lighting Artist in the game industry and is building an educational course and mentorship to train future lighting artists for games.

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