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Outsource with a virtual assistant

Kate Hursthouse

"The one change I made that had the most impact on growing my business was starting to outsource tasks and jobs that weren’t the best use of my time.

I started working with a Virtual Assistant (VA) in early 2022. Figuring out who to hire and how to outsource work to them seemed very daunting to begin with. Getting recommendations and having a virtual meeting/interview was helpful to get an idea of their personality and what they could offer.

Ideally, a VA will be able to set you up with the software you need to share tasks. For example, my VA set me up with Asana and talked me through the best way to outsource jobs to her. I wrote a list of everything that was taking up valuable time that I really didn’t need to be doing. Things like my email newsletters, blog posts, uploading products, podcast admin, and social media scheduling were all tasks she said she could easily take over.

This year, we are planning to have monthly meetings to discuss where I am at in the business and what I am planning for the next month so she can let me know what tasks she can take off my plate.

Outsourcing hasn’t just been for business tasks, either. Outsourcing life admin jobs has also had a big impact because the less time I have to spend on things like cleaning the house, the more time I have to either focus on my business, create, or look after myself, which, in turn, helps my business."

Advice Contributor

Kate Hursthouse

Kate Hursthouse is an artist, designer, business owner, podcast host, mentor, and single mother. She has developed online creative abstract art courses and mentoring workshops where she educates women on building sustainable, creative businesses.

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