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Over-deliver on freebies

Caroline Risby, Wellness Creative Co.

"My #1 tactic is creating insanely useful lead magnets that help my audience solve a problem. Over 18,500 people have signed up for them so far and one of them converts at 50%!

I offer three different freebies in order to address as wide a range of needs as possible - an ebook of 80+ fitness marketing ideas, 101 copyright-free fitness images, and social media templates.

I also aim to over-deliver so when they opt-in for one freebie, I send them two others as a bonus. Subscribers then receive a series of 15 automated emails which provide additional useful content like how-to guides which further build the audience relationship.

The lead magnets proved so popular they inspired a digital product I sell through Podia - a fitness business templates bundle."

Advice Contributor

Caroline Risby

Caroline Risby is a health and fitness marketing specialist who thinks marketing should inspire people, not prey on their insecurities. Wellness Creative Co. helps health and fitness companies market themselves with integrity (as well as impact).

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