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Plan by the week

Kimberly Barbosa, Alchemy of the Stars

"What I wish I knew when I first started as a creator is how effective weekly planning is. Taking things week by week allowed my progress to flow in a more natural way. It removes the pressure of perfectionism. It removes the need to tackle so many things at once. It allows your business to keep taking the form it wants to take.

Our lives are quickly changing all the time. So yes, it could be ideal to plan for months ahead, but focusing on one week at a time allows for more quality attention. Each week, nurture a part of your business that needs to be nurtured. Slowly but surely, all areas of your business will be watered.

It also helps with momentum and not feeling burnt out. You will be surprised at how much you can accomplish in just a week when you home in on specific goals. Maybe one week you focus on marketing, and another week you focus on creating. Either way, dedicating a week to specific goals allows your focus to really perfect that one area.

Before you know it, all areas of your business will have been catered to, and then the cycle continues. Before you know it, your business is building momentum. You can tangibly see the growth of each week. It feels like you're always doing something new and blocking any boredom from happening, but you're also not losing focus on what needs to be done - keeping your zest and enthusiasm for your business alive.

When you hone your focus each week on a certain area of your business, it allows you to nurture different sides of your brain as well. Maybe one week you focus on the logistics, and then another week you focus on the creativity side. It helps with maintaining a sense of fun. Our businesses shouldn't be so serious all the time.

Weekly planning also brings in the room for flexibility. Maybe one day you're not able to finish a specific goal, but you still have the rest of the week to get it done.

That is my advice for anyone starting their business. Focus on one week at a time to maintain fun, flexibility, and quality."

Advice Contributor

Kimberly Barbosa

Founder of Alchemy of the Stars, Kimberly creates ebooks for each season to guide people in how they can maximize their growth based on what current energies are streaming from our solar system to the Earth.

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