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Pre-launch products to build hype

Kristen Dupuis, Sacred

"Consistency is really key - When launching any type of program or business, pre-launch hype is amazing to do to show your community what it is you are working on, what content they can expect, and what they will solve or learn when they purchase from you or subscribe from you.

I have found that by giving my community little 'sneak peeks' of the content via picture or exciting videos, reels, etc., they get really excited about the course.

I also find that having a pre-launch for any type of course or offer and having your members message you or subscribe to your email list for a 'promo' code also helps with getting more traffic to your site and to your products.

Building it up, getting members excited, and then having them drawn into your email list is very key!"

Advice Contributor

Kristen Dupuis

Kristen is a mother, wife, “Woo Woo” enthusiast, Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Hypnosis Practitioner, and a 500-hour yoga teacher with a bachelor’s degree in metaphysics.

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