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Pre-sell your courses

Jess Shanahan, Racing Mentor

"The biggest thing that helped me get going was to pre-sell my first course. I sold it for £25 before it was even built and managed to make around £500. It doesn’t seem like much now, but it gave me what I needed to put time into the course. It eventually sold for £129 full price and has made about £3500 since it started.

I've done this with books, other courses, and templates too. Getting that money upfront not only shows me that the product is worth the time, but it gives me the finances to create the content, pay for marketing, etc.

When I launched my book, the pre-sales paid for a launch event at a racetrack. This allowed us to reach even more people, and it was a real jumping-off point for the brand."

Advice Contributor

Jess Shanahan

Jess Shanahan, former Porsche team boss, created Racing Mentor, which provides drivers with the skills and tools needed to secure sponsorship.

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