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Price based on your expertise and knowledge

Jaymie Sutherland

"Price based on the value of the level of experience and knowledge you bring to your offers or products and not based on the amount of time you’ve been in business.

Too often we undervalue what we bring to the table because it's not as seemingly tangible as say just buying a car. But if you are a service provider, when you are considering your pricing, you have to think about the years you've spent learning, honing, fine-tuning, upleveling, and growing - that is years of hair-pulling and frustration that you went through so your clients don't have to.

The same goes for pretty much any sort of service or product. Don't look at what others are doing or charging, look at what you've done. Look at the time you've spent and the energy and money you've invested in becoming the talented, incredible creator or service provider or coach/mentor that you are.

Also make sure that you feel good about what you're charging once you've determined and set your price. You need to be able to share your prices with confidence knowing that whoever purchases is receiving an amazing product or service, and it's priced based on the value of the knowledge, information, and skill that went into it. That might mean you're higher or lower than others in your industry.

You want to be able to share your prices without feeling like they're so low you're not excited or happy to then deliver, or that they're so high you choke or are afraid to share your price. Find that sweet spot where you may be a little nervous but also solid in your knowing that you're excited to deliver after the sale.

This frame of mind is also extremely helpful when you're packaging because we often add fluff to beef up our offers and make them appear like there are all these things included when much of it isn't really necessary but can add extra work for you. Having bonuses or different add-ons can be great, but make sure they're actually adding to the overall experience of your offer in some way that's beneficial to the client's experience and not just to add another item to a list of deliverables.

Your clients are important but bring the experience of pricing and packaging back to you! You have to create, you have to share and talk about them, and you have to do the work and the follow-up. You probably became a creator or entrepreneur to get away from doing things based on someone else's needs and desires, so don't build a business for someone else, build it for you. Because if you are on fire for your business and delivering fire results to the people you serve, then the experience for everyone is so much easier and enjoyable!"

Advice Contributor

Jaymie Sutherland

Jaymie Sutherland is an empathic healer who works with women to heal from within and come home to themselves through spiritual, energetic, and somatic teachings, practices, and codes.

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