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Pricing communicates your value

Asia Kelly, Iconoclast Strategy

"Pricing decisions for most are typically influenced by market demand, competition, and the target customer’s perceived value of the service being offered. I struggled for a while to value my services and the offer I bring as a tax practioner, as many friends and family members thought I either charged too much or too little for my services.

Ultimately, in my view, the goal of pricing is to effectively communicate the value of my services to the customer and maximize profits for my business. If I lowball myself, in effect, I devalue my services and affect public perception of what I offer. Chanel and Hermes started out somewhere.

When people invest in me, I do not mind offering them package bundles and discounts, especially the first ones to purchase my course or consulting services. However, these must be scarce and limited opportunities for them to feel valued.

I think the ultimate lesson I have learned is that my labor, time, and knowledge base is valuable and should be priced accordingly. In a sea of many people doing what I do, there is only one ME. To put it in simple terms: I am worth my price… and then some."

Advice Contributor

Asia Kelly

Asia Simone Kelly has been a Tax Practitioner for over 10 years helping low to high income individuals and small business owners with tax compliance and tax strategy.

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