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Put learning into action

Kim Luker, Lake House Mom

"As a person with an entrepreneur’s heart, I’ve had several businesses over the course of my adult life. What I wish I knew when I first started my journey as an online creator is that you can take every course on the planet and soak in all kinds of wisdom and information from coaches and gurus, but learning is just the prep work for actually building a business.

You have to take all that learning and put it into action, with a focus on helping people, before you're ready!

Whether it's writing a blog post, creating a printable resource, or making promotional graphics... whatever your business tasks are, dive in and do them imperfectly. Actually doing the work over and over again hones your skills and allows you to develop your own best practices and style.

Are your first tries going to be epic? No, they're not. In fact, you'll probably look back and shake your head. But everyone was a beginner once - everyone. You have to start to grow. That first blog post, that first YouTube video, that first course... those are the first steps on your path to growing the business of your dreams.

As you put your imperfect work out there, you'll also discover that the people you want to serve are waiting for you, and they like realness. They like imperfect. In a world full of Pinterest-perfect living rooms and polished influencers, what we're all really craving is connection with other people who get who we really are. Messy living rooms and all."