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Put on your blinders to stay true to yourself

Crystal Fitzgerald

"I found that following every single coach or creator and signing up for every single freebie to learn was actually hindering my progress. Though initially, it was great to use a jumping-off point to learn, it essentially took away from my confidence and originality and made me constantly second-guess myself. I was always looking to someone else for an example, such as, “I wonder what so-and-so’s sales page looks like?” Or, “Maybe I should do what they’re doing because they’re successful at it.”

What many creators fail to share is their origins before they had a huge following, amazing content, and tons of clients or students. As a new creator, I only saw a small sliver of what their businesses looked like, so I was only getting part of the picture. It made me question why I didn’t have the massive success that they did when they made it look effortless. Turns out, starting a business of any kind takes patience, grace, and passion.

In fact, I gave up several times before relaunching because I realized that I needed to share my unique offers and experiences with clarity and confidence. I only sought advice from extremely trusted sources and stopped listening to those who were giving out advice based on where they were, not where they came from. I am constantly auditing my own social media feeds and seeking out those who acknowledge the business building and creative process, instead of just sharing a Before & After, or speaking solely from having built influence.

Putting my proverbial blinders on has allowed me to become more expressive and authentic while creating and following through on the offerings I would have otherwise dismissed because that wasn’t the way others have done it."

Advice Contributor

Crystal Fitzgerald

Crystal Fitzgerald is a business coach who helps people prioritize themselves and their dreams without fear, guilt, or shame.

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