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Scale back social media for improved focus and impact

Sebene Selassie

"When I first started as a creator, I was on multiple platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn… In addition, I started a newsletter. It quickly became waaaay too much. I tried scheduling apps like Edgar, but I found that I had to personalize each message to the audiences that showed up in these different spaces. I couldn’t say the exact same thing on Facebook and Instagram. At the same time, I began to realize how important my newsletter was to me and to my audience. As a writer, it was the best way for me to reach people.

About two years ago, I deleted my Facebook account. LinkedIn soon followed. Last year, I deleted my Twitter account (and started over just to follow astrology and lol cat accounts I like). I am down to my newsletter and Instagram. Maybe for some, that's too few. For me, it's just right. I find that I'm able to have better focus and impact with these two forms of reaching my people. My newsletter is very authentic and funny, and I create a collage for each one – emails allow me to share long-form writing. I can't write long posts on Instagram which incentivizes people to sign up for the newsletter – but Instagram allows me to feature my visual work and personal photos.

I have found I have a much greater response now that my energy is directed more specifically to these two forms rather than being spread out. It's like Warrior pose in yoga. I gather up all my wisdom and experience, then I point it exactly where it needs to go, and it reaches exactly those it needs to reach in the way that feels genuine to me."

Advice Contributor

Sebene Selassie

Sebene Selassie is a writer and teacher who helps spiritually curious people remember and trust that they belong.

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