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Set clear time boundaries

Jen Rudd, Grow With Jen

"Setting boundaries has had the most impact on growing my business over the years. It’s a knee-jerk reaction to say that raising prices has improved my bottom line, but really, it’s the boundaries that have really changed the trajectory of my business.

For a long time, I would be afraid to charge more when there was scope creep or even when a client has been with me for a long time. I based their ability to pay on my own internal feelings and concerns and did not really establish the increased value that my improved experience provided them.

When I started to really set bounds on my time and conducted my business like, well, a business and enforced time and cost boundaries, my business changed almost overnight.

I still have uncomfortable conversations and sometimes have clients who don't accept my new boundaries, but, above all, I have a business that doesn't keep me up at night.

That, my friend, is priceless."

Advice Contributor

Jen Rudd

Jen Rudd, MBA, PMP is a business consultant and cross-platform automation expert with an extensive background in creating systems and automation for a variety of business types.

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