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Rachel Capurso, Aeolian Heart

"Over the years, I’ve learned that a healthy email list is built by making a great first impression and providing lasting value so that you remain unforgettable. My secret to building my email list has been to create an incredible lead-in that makes an amazing first impression and provides lasting value.

Back in 2016, when I started my business, most lead-ins that I received were super cheap and forgettable. They were the digital equivalents of perfume samples or flyers, things that you looked at once and then threw away. I recognized the wasted opportunity and thought, “Why don’t I offer a generous gift that someone will want to use?”

I wanted to impress my new readers with a spirit of generosity and a reason to remember me from the very beginning. So, I wrote a 75-page ebook called HEARTBEAT: Unlocking the Mysteries of Your Natal Chart. I put a tremendous amount of extra effort into ensuring that it was well-written and beautiful to look at so that my new subscribers would be thrilled to be on my list. This is how I’ve attracted subscribers and retained a loyal following for over six years.

I often receive emails from readers who thank me for writing HEARTBEAT because it has been so useful for them. And this feedback has inspired me to continue to be generous in everything that I do. Whether I’m creating a free gift or a high-ticket offer, I believe in over-delivering.

When you’re an online creator, you’re supposed to be sharing your passions and talents with your subscribers. And the best way to ensure that subscribers will become loyal customers is to spill over with love and appreciation for the time and attention they’ve given you. The only way to find success in a niche market online is to not hold back from giving, giving, and then giving some more!"

Advice Contributor

Rachel Capurso

Rachel Capurso is the creator of Aeolian Heart Astrology, a voice that speaks to free spirits and free minds. She illuminates the timeless wisdom of Hermetic philosophy with a unique blend of pop culture, history, and art.

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