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Show up messy and true

Kash Parker, Financial Fitness for Women

"When I first started as a creator, all I cared about was follower count on social media and doing what was “on trend”. It was very hard to stand out from the noise or make money.

After lots of trial and error, I realised that showing up messy and as your true, authentic self is the way to go. People love storytelling. The moment I shared my personal money story of struggle and getting divorced at a young age, which nearly left me broke...people started to take notice. My audience was drawn TO me. I no longer had to push so hard.

Perfectly curated content and course material look nice, but it doesn't create that connection with people. Post the awkward quote that you've copied from your Instagram stories. Speak your mind. This is a surefire way to create that know, like, and trust factor. Thereafter, the sales will follow.

The lesson I learned was, therefore, not to try and be like everyone else to achieve success. Being me is enough!"

Advice Contributor

Kash Parker

Kash Parker is the Founder and CEO of Financial Fitness for Women (Pty) Ltd. She created the Financial Fitness Club, an online membership for women that provides access to tools, resources, and support to empower themselves financially.

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