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The simpler your lead magnet, the better

Diondra Filicetti, Driven By... Co

"For a long time, I struggled with building an email list. I spent thousands of dollars on Facebook ads, made countless attempts at changing ad copy and ad design, watched webinars from all the gurus, and NOTHING.

Sometimes the simplest advice is the best advice. I always knew that you needed some sort of lead magnet in order to collect email addresses, however the simpler the better. What I mean by that is, you need a lead magnet that provides instant gratification with low effort. The key is the ease of consumption.

For transparency, for months, I was offering a free course as my lead magnet, then after getting some advice about lead magnets, I developed a quiz. The problem with the quiz was that it was an interactive PDF. Although that sounds interactive, there are far more interactive delivery methods, such as Typeform. Typeform is a tool where leads can complete the quiz from their browser and get results immediately after giving you their email of course! So, my advice would be to keep it as simple for your leads as possible! The easier and more interactive the better!"

Advice Contributor

Diondra Filicetti

Diondra Filicetti facilitates workshops, online courses, and coaching to help people identify their purpose and maximize their potential.

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