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You can learn a lot from small projects

Marie Rolla, Good Head Education

"I wish I had started with a small project to get a feel for what this process looked like. For instance, I have speech impediments and learning disabilities. So, in the future, I would prefer to take my content and voice over my work because I learned that when I’m talking while working, my speech isn’t as clear.

Captioning and editing the files was very challenging. My first project had about 30 hours of footage to work with that was shot over three days. I had already committed to the plan, and if I had started smaller, I would’ve learned what systems work best for me and would have been better prepared for this launch.

I also wish I was more familiar with the other skills necessary to succeed as an educator - editing, marketing, and being tech savvy. Even finding the correct platform to caption my videos was a big learning curve for me. Had I been given the opportunity to try this on a smaller scale project, it would have been a far less exhausting, expensive, and stressful project."

Advice Contributor

Marie Rolla

Marie Rolla is a hairstylist who owns a 6-chair salon that specializes in working with underserved clients.

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