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Smaller products tell customers you’re open for business

Glen Long

"One of the mistakes I made early on was not having an entry-level offer that gave people a low-risk way of trying out what I had to offer.

I had a free mini-course for generating leads and a higher-ticket coaching offer that mostly sold through word-of-mouth, but nothing between the two.

In the background, I was working on my flagship course (which was always almost ready), but I was effectively training my subscribers to think of me as the "free content" guy.

The wake-up call was when a couple of subscribers emailed me to say: "I love the free stuff, but when will you actually have something I can buy?"

Smaller, lower-price products are quicker to create and easier to sell and tell people you're open for business."

Advice Contributor

Glen Long

Glen Long is a Podia Pro, course creation teacher, and mentor based on the south coast of the UK.

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