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Launching with a sneak peek free webinar

Andrea Johnson, Craft Killer Fiction

"One of the launch strategies that I have found immensely effective is to have a sneak peek free webinar to promote the product. During those webinars, I provide the product for a discounted price with big bonuses to spur both interest and urgency. When people feel like they are getting a deal, or may potentially miss out on one, they tend to act faster.

This also usually generates a lot of client questions about the product as they make their decision, which helps me to ensure that the content of my course fully aligns with the needs of my audience. But more importantly, it gives me access to new client emails and allows me to overcome any doubts they may have about moving forward--whether those fall under money, time, or effort.

These pre-launch webinars are also a great way to foster excitement about the course by creating an atmosphere of celebration and community. That way, people are more likely to invite friends and take advantage of additional incentives like a FREE course if they bring in three reference clients before the course premier date.

Plus, these webinars are easily shareable on social media during the marketing period for the course and are a fantastic calling card for keeping me in the front of people’s minds even if they don’t buy since they can also be used for a low-cost resale product (or a bonus on a future product). I’ve even used them as makeshift audition reels to get paid speaking engagements!"

Advice Contributor

Andrea Johnson

Andrea J. Johnson is a speaker, editor, book coach, and the author of the Victoria Justice Mysteries about a trial stenographer turned amateur sleuth.

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