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Start by building visibility

Kayla Countryman, Authentically Kay

"When I started as a creator, I wish I had known about the importance of visibility in growing an online business and building brand awareness. In the first six months of your business, it’s easy to get caught up in how much money everyone around you is making and how quickly you can make your next sale.

However, warming up your audience, building connections, and growing a community will lead to more sustainable, long-term sales, and this step is often skipped.

As a marketing mentor, this is something I work with my clients on daily: finding the balance between awareness marketing (which encourages community growth and visibility) and conversion marketing (which prioritizes sales). The most successful businesses utilize both.

Simple ways to increase your visibility early on in your journey include applying for podcast features, joining Facebook groups, attending networking events, and collaborating with other industry leaders on Instagram Lives.

My client "N" attracted more leads into her wellness coaching program in the first four weeks of my program (Align to Attract Academy) than she did in the eight months prior to joining my program. How? Visibility strategies that I teach my clients to nurture their audience BEFORE they sell their offers.

One of my favorite parts of mentorship is the opportunity to take my mistakes and teach my clients what I wish I would have done; the results are always priceless!"

Advice Contributor

Kayla Countryman

Kayla is a marketing coach based in Phoenix, AZ and the founder of Authentically Kay, a digital marketing agency. She is passionate about mentoring women of color & helping entrepreneurs grow their online business.

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