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Start with a smaller topic

Marie Rolla, Good Head Education

"Ground yourself and start small! Sometimes you can get lost in the big picture or fall victim to perfectionism, which will make starting your education process so challenging.

I have so many course ideas, but most of them are very extensive and tedious. I’m still wrapping up my first project, and I did not anticipate the hardest part to be the back-end work in editing and captioning. Filming and teaching were the easiest parts for me, and I had a very unrealistic expectation of how fast I could launch my course.

Start small and start with a topic you are confident in! Do a 1-hour class or something else short and sweet just to get your toes wet. Learn from that experience, and let it shape how you plan to tackle your bigger projects.

It’s challenging to watch yourself on camera as an educator. The imposter syndrome and perfectionism can get the best of you, so don’t subject yourself to a huge project as your first one because there have been many moments for me that made me want to quit. Instead, I’m asking for help from others and pacing myself to get through it."

Advice Contributor

Marie Rolla

Marie Rolla is a hairstylist who owns a 6-chair salon that specializes in working with underserved clients.

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