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Start where you are

Poy Twitchsri-Granati, Summer Space

"I always remind myself to start where you are, use what you have, and do what you can. You do not need the fanciest equipment to create the best content. You just need to get started. It’s better done than perfect. Then, you can tweak it later, and you’ll learn along the way what you need to adjust.

I made the mistake of buying too many props for my product photos where I only use them once. I wish I focused on the strategy rather than spending too much time and money to create a perfect photo where I didn't understand what my audience actually needed to see."

Advice Contributor

Poy Twitchsri-Granati

Poy Twitchsri-Granati hosts paper flower workshops and creates personalized paper flowers for people to gift themselves or their loved ones and to decorate their space with joyful art pieces.

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