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Systematize without automation

Carly Merryweather, Carlyita Co.

I used to think systems meant everything had to be automated. Someone would join my email list or my course, enter the nurture funnel, keep buying my products, fall madly in love with me, and I would be none the wiser on the front end of my business. They would think that they were interacting with me but really it was my team or an automated message. I was on the front end, posting to Instagram, living my influencer/digital nomad life.

I tried that in the beginning, and it felt inauthentic. It felt wrong. I realized that it wasn't me. It took some time to tear down those systems that I had put in place, but the way I run my business now feels more genuine.

I still have some things automated where I don't need to touch them, but a lot of the client-facing experience is systemized without being automated. I have an onboarding checklist that I follow. I have SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) that I follow, but there is still a human connection within the experience.

Advice Contributor

Carly Merryweather

Carly Merryweather helps creative entrepreneurs feel empowered by allowing them to unleash their full potential with a sustainable, potent business.

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