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Daily planners, cheat sheets, ebooks, and workbooks

Emma Bryson, House of Social

"When I started quickly building a community with an email list, I realised that it had the potential to be super effective in creating a connection and opening the doors to communication with my audience - especially since I don’t have to fight against an algorithm like on Instagram. It’s signed, sealed, and delivered with a satisfactory ‘ping’ straight to their inbox. And you KNOW that they’re interested in what you have to say since they’ve intentionally signed up to be there.

So, how do you capture those people as they come into your world and build a relationship to convert those juicy sales emails?

Freebies (lead magnets)

The majority of my email list growth comes through creating killer freebies that people subscribe to in order to access! This method brings a constant upkeep of new subscribers into my email list on a regular basis.

Lead magnets don’t need to take up a heap of your time, and they don’t need to be intricately detailed or complicated either (um hello, Canva!!). My favourite converting lead magnets are things like ‘daily planners’, ‘cheat sheets you need for X’, ‘quick tips ebook’, or ‘easy to follow workbooks’. These are snackable and are focused on creating real actionable results for your audience.

Ask yourself - what everyday problem does your audience face that you could solve with a free download lead magnet? If a download isn’t aligned with your business, it could be a free masterclass, a tutorial, or a 10-minute clarity call to chat through their problems in real time.

Try to think of it as simply directing traffic back to the email list. Whatever it is you’re doing, how can you get people on your list? If you’ve made a great freebie - are you talking about it on your socials? Are you hyping up the people who are downloading it? Are you regularly reminding people of all the great reasons to join your list (exclusive discounts, first-to-see announcements, sneak previews, more freebies)? If you have a great lead magnet and an infrastructure set up for your audience to join your list - TALK ABOUT IT.

It can be super easy to forget to do this, so this is your (not so) gentle reminder. Wherever and however you’re showing up, just remember to talk about your lead magnet and watch as your list grows!"

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Emma Bryson

Emma Bryson is a social media manager, business mentor, and all-around biz bestie who helps small business owners take back their freedom and build a business and social media presence that works around their lives…not the other way around.

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