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Theme your days

Estefanny Ramirez, TakeThree Studio

"I wear many hats running a creative studio with my partner, and one that I’m really proud of is being the “Chief Productivity Officer”.

As a creative who has a thing for dabbling into 10 too many things while juggling client projects, IG content, and maintaining my mental health (go to therapy people 😊), I’ve learned a few things that definitely helped me stay focused and productive.

The main practice that has worked extremely well for me, saved me time, and kept me from feeling like I’m not doing enough is "theming" my days of the week.

How does this work?

Well essentially, I create themes based on my weekly tasks (e.g., client-related, admin stuff, home tasks, personal time, mentorship-focused, etc.), and then I assign them to a day (or days) of the week that I will be focusing on that specific theme.

This was a GAME CHANGER when I first implemented this.

By having a theme assigned to a day, my brain is able to focus on completing tasks for that one theme, and I’m not getting distracted by constantly context-switching between client, personal, admin, etc.

Moreover, when something comes up, I know that I don’t have to deal with it then and there (unless it’s urgent or can be done in less than two minutes). For example, if I’m working on a client presentation on Monday and I realized that my dishes aren’t done, instead of feeling guilty about it, I know that Tuesdays are for home tasks and, therefore, I can simply note it and deal with it on Tuesday.

Anyways, back to doing admin stuff for me.

I hope you can give this practice a try and see if it helps with your own productivity!"

Advice Contributor

Estefanny Ramirez

Estefanny Ramirez is a proud Ecuadorian graphic designer and 1/3 of TakeThree Studio, an independent creative studio run by two humans and a dog that helps businesses create meaningful brand identities or design beautiful websites.

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