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There is power in collaboration

Jasmine Romaine, JazzCellence

“When I first started as a creator, I didn’t really know what I was doing. I was a creative at heart, but with so many ideas in my mind, I did not have a clear focus on where to start to make it easy for my audience to receive. After much trial and error, I learned some great lessons that made me “jazzed” when creating content and even gave my audience value, more than I did when I first began this journey.

The first thing I had to do is something we miss too often because we go straight to Google. It is an old-school method. I had to learn how to network with others in the creative space and gain a community of others who were already in the industry. I was able to learn about the industry quicker, whether it was learning more about the trends or talking it out with people who were already doing what I was doing.

Another key to success was learning that there is power in collaboration. After networking, I was able to collaborate with others. This allowed me to work with someone else who offered a unique skill or expertise that would allow me to bring in mine and would then allow us to grow. Being open to resources like this allows you and those you are working with to have more value and create content with more ease because you are collaborating instead of being on your own.

These keys allowed me to have more confidence and add more value while creating content. When we work together, we can support each other, gain more knowledge and advice, and, of course, become inspired. I always use this method. It may be better than a Google search. It involves being in a community and really building relationships to create content for the greater GOOD in the world."

Advice Contributor

Jasmine Romaine

Jasmine Romaine is a keynote speaker, transformation strategist, international best-selling author, and a Global Woman Award recipient for her work and contribution in the world of business.

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