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Trust your gut

Em Connors, The Creative Bodega

"As an online course creator, there are SO many opinions, frameworks, and advice - it can get super overwhelming!

My online course mentor's MAIN way of selling was to do a series of free webinars that ended with a sales pitch for a solid 10-15 minutes.

Every fiber of my being told me NOT to open my cart that way. It felt forced, uncomfortable, and straight-up cringy to me! Not to mention that I personally did NOT like being sold that way -- so why would I do it!?

That's a great example of one of the first times I trusted my gut as an online course creator. I ended up launching my course in a way that felt good for me - relying on a solid waitlist, my Instagram presence, and my highly engaged email list. In 5 days, I sold 45 spots and made $12,000.

I've continued to trust my gut ever since - and I encourage you to do the same!"