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Use Notion and your calendar to use time effectively

Ciara Strickland, The New Mixx

"One practice that has enabled me to focus and make my day more productive is utilizing Notion in combination with my calendar and time blocking. Notion is a versatile and powerful application that allows me to keep track of all my tasks, projects, and notes in one place. This helps me to stay organized and ensure that I never forget important deadlines or tasks.

In addition to using Notion, I also use my calendar to schedule time for specific tasks and block out chunks of time for focused work. This helps me to avoid distractions and stay on track throughout the day. Time blocking also allows me to prioritize my most important tasks and make the most of my time.

By using Notion and my calendar together, I can see a clear picture of my entire week and ensure that I am using my time effectively. This has greatly increased my productivity and allowed me to focus on what's truly important. Additionally, it has also helped me to reduce stress and stay organized, which has had a positive impact on my overall well-being."

Advice Contributor

Ciara Strickland

Ciara Strickland is a lifestyle and fashion content creator who has been degendering fashion and serving as a role model for androgynous style.

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