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Using Pinterest to promote freebies

Kate Hursthouse

"One thing that worked well for building my email list was really figuring out exactly what freebie or “lead magnet” appealed to different parts of my audience. This took a bit of trial and error to begin with. In my mind, I had a bunch of ideas that could be turned into freebies, so I created a few to compare which ones got more interest.

Comparing freebies gave me a good insight because there were a couple that I thought people would be interested in, but they got hardly any uptake. So rather than thinking, “Oh, no one is interested in what I have to offer,” I was able to focus on the one that was getting more interest and make another one more aligned with that.

I had two freebies both about running a creative business but focused on different areas, and one had more interest in the other, so I was able to get an idea of what people really wanted to learn about.

The other thing that really helped was creating a range of pins for each free download and consistently sharing them on Pinterest. The beauty of that platform is that it works like a visual search engine, so people are continuing to find those pins and sign up for my mailing list several years later.

A range of static image and video pins seems to work really well."

Advice Contributor

Kate Hursthouse

Kate Hursthouse is an artist, designer, business owner, podcast host, mentor, and single mother. She has developed online creative abstract art courses and mentoring workshops where she educates women on building sustainable, creative businesses.

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