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Use quizzes to build your list

Stacy Rose, Divine University

"People love to learn about themselves. That’s why we used a free quiz to build our audience and email list.

At Divine University, we help people grow spiritually and deepen their connection to the divine within, regardless of their religion or lack of. So, we created a free quiz called "How Old Is Your Soul?"

Our questions centered around our top seven spiritual principles and asked quiz takers to rate themselves on how aligned they felt they were with each spiritual quality. This subconsciously taught them what spirituality in daily life was like and primed their mind to want to learn more techniques on how to enhance the qualities they rated themselves poorly in (which is exactly what we teach).

To view the results, quiz takers had to enter their name and email address to discover whether they were an old soul, middle-of-the-road, or a newbie. We ran a Facebook ad for the quiz, which we hosted at LeadQuizzes, and it easily embedded onto our website.

What I found to be most helpful and why I recommend quizzes to build your lists, along with Facebook ads, is because clients would tag their friends organically in the post which then helps to expand your reach and help ad analytics find your ideal customers."

Advice Contributor

Stacy Rose

Founded by a trifecta of best-selling authors, Divine University brings you education to enlighten and helps you grow spiritually the fastest way possible.

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