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We don’t buy from brands, we buy from people

Christina Butcher, Hair Romance

"When starting online, I tried to be anonymous. I thought keeping out of the picture would keep the focus on my brand.

But we don't buy from brands, we buy from people.

Turning the camera on myself was so hard. I felt like I should edit myself to appear perfect, but it doesn't connect. Showing up as yourself is key to the creative process. Being you, flaws and all, is what gives you the edge.

People can find any information they want to know online, but they choose a person to learn from who they trust to make it simple. They want to hear your voice because you tell them in a way they understand."

Advice Contributor

Christina Butcher

Christina Butcher is the hair behind Hair Romance, one of the world’s biggest hair blogs. Hair Romance helps you to fall in love with your hair by learning how to style your hair fast.

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