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What’s the transformation?

Javacia Harris Bowser, See Jane Write

"What’s the transformation? As a writer, this is the question I always ask myself when writing an essay or even a blog post. But as a course creator, I’ve learned that this question is also the key to a successful launch. In fact, I’ve learned that the same process I use to outline and write an impactful personal narrative can be used to create and effectively market a course or coaching package.

When outlining an essay, I must identify five things:

-What was the transformation?

-Why was the transformation needed?

-What was life like before the transformation?

-What sparked the transformation?

-What was life like after the transformation?

I use these same questions to outline a course or coaching package and to create materials to promote the program.

First, I determine what transformation I believe my offering can provide. For example, my Podia community, the See Jane Write Collective, can help women finally feel like real writers. This transformation is needed because my ideal customer loves writing but doesn’t yet call herself a writer or, when she does, she feels like a fraud. Her life is busy, so she doesn’t think she has time to write or she’s simply not sure how to get started or how to move to the next level. This is why the transformation is needed and what life is like now without it. Identifying these pain points and using these details in my landing page and promotional webinar will help my ideal customer feel seen.

Next, I need to show them what’s possible. I need to give them examples of women who are using their writing to make an impact and an income, women who are managing their time in a way that allows them to write and have a life.

Finally, I need to show them how to get there. For my community, I call this the See Jane Write Success Path. This shows my ideal client what will spark the transformation and gives me the blueprint I need as a creator.

Before I started centering everything on the transformation, my marketing would be muddled with the nuts and bolts of the course or program. But I’ve realized that before people want to know how something works, they want to know why it works and why it’s a good fit for them. My ideal client wants to know that after taking my course or going through my coaching program she will be transformed into a better version of herself."

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Javacia Harris Bowser

Javacia Harris Bowser, founder of See Jane Write, is an award-winning journalist who believes every woman has a story worth sharing and that stories have the power to change lives and the world.

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