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Who do you serve?

Sarah Starrs

"Being really clear on who I serve as a business owner and what problem I can help them solve has had the biggest impact on growing my business.

These insights inform every aspect of my business: the messaging that underlies the content I create, the products and services I choose to develop, the online spaces I choose to hang out, and everything in between.

Selling never feels sleazy or uncomfortable because I know I'm simply presenting a solution to people who need it, and those who don't are free to ignore it.

I'm always clear on what will make a great blog post, social media caption, or newsletter because I understand the people I serve and what they're struggling with.

Before, I was often guessing or following whims in terms of my offerings, with very limited success. But now that I'm really clear on the problems I can solve for people, I always feel confident that the right clients will sign up for what I've created."

Advice Contributor

Sarah Starrs

Sarah Starrs is a certified cycle coach for parents with periods and the creator of The Cyclic Parenting Framework and The Totally Doable Self-Care for Busy Parents process.

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