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You are good enough

Sundaee Frasier, Sundaee Sundries

"I wish I knew I was good enough from the beginning. I wasted a lot of time that I could have been creating and getting myself out there thinking that I had nothing to offer the world. I would see others creating and connecting with others, but I never thought that could be me. I just stayed in a cycle of self-doubt and taking courses trying to be good enough.

The truth was, I could have been learning while I created. The best way to learn is to put your creations out there and get feedback. You can’t just create for yourself if you want to show off your creations. The key is to create for others. You can make the most perfect product, but if it isn’t helping to solve a problem, then not many people are going to care about it.

That is another thing I wish I knew. I didn’t have to be perfect or the most skilled as long as I was helping others with what I know. People will gravitate to your creations as long as they find them useful in some way. So, create and let the world see your hard work, then remember you can always tweak it and make it better. Don’t be the one to hold yourself back because you’ll never get anywhere until you put yourself out there."

Advice Contributor

Sundaee Frasier

Sundaee Frasier is a stay-at-home mom to her autistic son, who has inspired her to make learning printables and digital products for other families in a similar position.

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