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You can’t play every role

Caitlin Holmes, Caitlin Holmes Nutrition

"In the early months of starting my business, I was excited to do it all. So much so that I threw every ball I had in the court without any idea which ball was scoring with my audience. I would dedicate time to social media for a couple of weeks, then switch suddenly to an in-person campaign. I lacked consistency in my marketing, and eventually, I had a mediocre and burnt-out approach in every facet of my business.

Instead of focusing on one strategy for content creation, community outreach, administrative duties, etc., I didn’t give myself an opportunity to learn what worked, when, and why. I also didn’t honor what I was naturally good at and excited about. I spread myself too thin, and the burnout became all too real… until I made an important decision.

After years of doing it all, I realized I was the limiting factor in my business. By trying to play every role, I couldn’t show up fully for my clients. The day I hired a part-time virtual assistant was a huge game changer.

Now, I focus on what I—and what I alone—need to do in my business. If I don’t need to be involved, I hand it off to my assistant."

Advice Contributor

Caitlin Holmes

Caitlin Holmes is a Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS) who works with active individuals, adventurers, and outdoor athletes to help them develop effective nutrition plans for long-term health and sports performance.

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