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You don’t need a million subscribers

Ryan O'Connell, How to ADU

"I wish I knew how profitable the business would be with a small, devoted audience of under 10,000 people. I was really worried that I needed to grow to a million subscribers on YouTube and TikTok to make real money. But that was not the case at all.

Using tools like Podia and brokering direct deals with sponsors, I was able to make this a full-time job with a small, devoted community and audience of under 10,000 people. If I had known that ahead of time, it would have been a much less stressful journey.

Every month, I would look at my smallish growth numbers and be tempted to broaden my niche in order to grow faster. But I stuck to it out of passion (and maybe hard-headedness), and it paid off. My niche is small but mighty. I'm very happy that I have a small, fanatical audience that supports my business."

Advice Contributor

Ryan O'Connell

Ryan O’Connell is the founder of How to ADU and an advocate for more housing in California.

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