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Authenticity attracts your people

Charly Stoever, Traveler Charly Money Coaching

"New creators should be careful NOT to replicate others. For example, as a money coach, I am very intentional about NOT being like any of the other financial advisors out there who are mostly cisgender, white, heterosexual men. I am openly queer, trans, and share my experiences traveling the world.

I also share my art and I'm 100% unfiltered when it comes to breaking down the language of finance to my community. I don't wear stuffy suits or post pictures of me appearing "professional" by my laptop. I share videos of me twerking on the beach while reminding folks to contribute to their IRAs. I make money a lot less scary and approachable.

I'm also very spiritual and talk about my healing journey. A lot of people in my community as first-gen immigrants feel a lot of money trauma and are nervous to invest in the stock market, but me being my approachable self is the reason why I've worked with so many clients in my community.

Market differentiation is HUGE for me. I don't compare myself to other money coaches online because I don't want to fall into the trap of replicating myself and getting myself into commodity mode. I don't want to be just another cereal box in the grocery store. I'm a lobster omelet you enjoy at Sunday Brunch!

Be yourself and THAT will attract your people. Your vibe attracts your tribe!"

Advice Contributor

Charly Stoever

Charly Stoever (they/them) is a nonbinary Latinx former stock broker helping first-gen folks embody their millionaire selves and become confidently wealthy. Charly is also a digital nomad, blogger, and podcaster whose mission is to get more money into the hands of LGBTQ+BIPOC.

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