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It’s okay to change your mind

Leslie-Anne Eades, LMNTL

"My entrepreneurship journey officially began in 2016 when I took the leap into starting my own event planning business. I found the confidence during that particular season of my life because I thought I had a solid plan that would pave the way for me to create, succeed, and impact my clients. I said I was going to be a wedding planner, I found a local wedding expo to attend to reach people in-person and organically through conversation, and I had my start-up budget set.

I quickly realized that the work was never done, the plans were most certainly going to change, and they were going to change in accordance with what was truly meant for me. One of my planning philosophies was to work with clients to create a structure that we would flow within - this of course would only work with a relationship built on trust. I knew that when it came to events, a lot doesn't go according to plan so what you really need is trust, problem solving skills, and the ability to remain calm. My journey evolved from weddings, to community development, fundraising, hospitality consulting, venue management, and ... more.

Fast forward eight years and I'm now co-creator of a coaching & retreat business with my partner (whom I met in the community development/event world), and we're still planning, still gathering & hosting, and still learning how to flow. What I know now that I would instill upon my younger self is that it's okay to trust your own process. It's okay to pivot, it's okay to change your mind, it's okay to create.

When we give ourselves permission to ebb and flow according to what's natural to us, even when we thought we had a better plan, everything happens as it's truly meant."

Advice Contributor

Leslie-Anne Eades

Leslie-Anne Eades is the co-founder of LMNTL and offers coaching containers for personal transformation, retreats for transforming in community, and coursework, downloads, and membership for yoga classes.

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